Adobe Premiere and After Effects CC2019


2019 sees the release of the Adobe CC2019 upgrade

app for Premiere as well as Adobe After Effects CC 2019.

At first glance it seems there are no drastic changes…things are still in the usual places thankfully. The report in the release notes show a lot of bug fixes and the like but as we all know all Adobe users are by default are beta testers for the the Adobe boffins.

Sought of like when you were a kid and you visited museums or large public buildings as a school group we were all given soft cloth slipover footwear covers to help polish the floors as we dragged our feet across polished wooden or tiled floors. Who said child slavery was abolished!?

Anyway our clients will have all the benefits of improved workflows and less crashes (did I say that out loud?) but still the best editing software out there.


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