If A Picture Tells A Thousand Words...

...Then Video Writes The Book

Engagement is the secret to a successful advertising campaign. Having your customers understand what your selling is how a good advert is measured.

If  you’re not profiting from your online campaigns then we feel this is a solution you should consider…regardless of what type of business you’re in.

Animated text and rapid draw style video is a game changer that stops the scroll and lands your message.

Cartoons are Fun


We can tailor make a cartoon ad for you using your images. Scripting your message which is delivered by kinetic (moving ) text.


You can use this ad anywhere. There are many marketing avenues available such as your website, Facebook ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and now Facebook banner cover at the top of your Facebook page.


Your cartoon ad can deliver your business message continuously, featuring on your website or social media. When your message changes...we can change the ad. At these prices it's not going to break the bank.

What do they look like?

Play Video
Play Video

Where Can I Use Them?

As well as using videos in your sales pages, websites and social media posts the big news now is you can put them in your cover photo banner space on your facebook page. Instantly plays when you and your visitors arrive at your site. You can play it once, loop it, with or without sound. It really is a must have in your marketing tool box.

The layout can be a little tricky because of the dimensions of the banner. If you are using text you need to make sure you can centralise it so it doesn’t get cropped out of your video. We solve this issue in our project software so you don’t have to worry. Check out our Facebook page to the right and you’ll see what I mean.

Video Works!

But it's sooo expensive...right?

Not any more. Adaptable software is now making it less expensive to make...it just looks expensive.

Quick Turnaround

Once the brief is sorted and your content is delivered it generally takes 48 hours to produce a draft for approval.

Does It Work?

If you’re looking to create a social media ad that will stop someone from scrolling and pay attention to you, a cartoon video can do just that. Cartoon videos are proven to be an extremely engaging form of video.

Don't just take our word for it

Implementing video into your marketing strategy will increase conversion rates and engage your customer. Check out the statistics for 2018 and you will see why video is a MUST. Information courtesy https://andyhalko.com/ CEO Insivia

How do we make it work for the price?

By utilising your own images and video footage we can create your engaging and fun video ad.


This type of project management keeps the whole project in budget as shooting video is an expensive process.


It is possible to import stock footage if absolutely required but usually clients have more than enough to cover their message.

Let's break it down further...


Click the 'Start Here' button below which will take you to our contact form. Just a way to introduce yourself and how we can contact you.


We then proceed to create your custom made video. Once done we will issue a watermarked copy for your approval. There is an allowance for one revision edit.


Once we identify your specific images and you can upload them through our upload link on our website or we can collect them from your Facebook/websote page.


Once you have approved your ad we will create the final version. A full HD 1080p copy will be made available to download to your computer. Other formats on request.


What is your message? Ideally this format lends itself to single message enforcement contact, visit, product, service, activity... We can work on this together.


An invoice will be sent to you with payment details. Once payment is received your video will be available for immediate download via a special link.

What does it cost?

Until recently the cost of producing a video would have run to anywhere between $3k – $5k and that would have been without ANY animation. Now because of advances in digital software the cost of post production has dramatically reduced

And your video is continuously working for you 24/7 on social media advertising and your website. Bringing your sales message to potential customers through the medium that moves… people, knowledge, ideas, emotion and humour.

 So…What Can You Get?

A choice of three styles:

  • A full HD 1080p animated video rapid doodle up to 60 sec (value at $250)* 

  •  A banner video for your Facebook page (value at $150)

  • An Instagram version which requires a different aspect ratio of 9:16 or 1:1 (value at  $150)


*Longer durations if required

Contact Us via the contact form below. Don’t forget your phone number. 

Ok...Let's do this

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No Longer Is Video Marketing Out Of Reach

We are all about creating business opportunities. Not just for ourselves but your business as well. For those of us who see social media as the greatest medium for self promotion…ever… we know that video is the most persuasive communication tool.

Because Video is such a powerful tool we see it as a must have ingredient for your social engagement, – website and /or social media. That’s why we make it affordable and realistic for everyone. Isn’t it time you made the change to your engagement and how you do business?

So...To Summarise


Complete your details in our contact form ( no it’s not a contract) and submit it. We can then contact you by phone or email, just select your better option. There is no obligation.

We then design your cartoon/explainer video with your images and text messages. Please bear in mind if you require an instagram video it needs to be formatted to square or vertical format of 60 sec (max) duration.

Once we have a complete project, usually 2-3 days, a watermarked copy will be sent to you for approval. You have a single revision edit available to make sure you’re happy with the context. We then complete editing and create your full Hd 1080p copy which is made available after payment.

Ready To Get Started?

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Bob Hansel